Haldrup F-55 Grass Harvester

We operate a Haldrup F-55 Grass Harvester with an on-board NIR spectrophotometer system.

The harvester was funded as part of a NERC Capital award to the NERC led Soil Security Programme and is available for hire to scientists and industry.

The harvester is designed for whole cop harvesting of grass and forage, weeds, herbs and spices.

An on-board weighing and sub-sampling system allows accurate yield estimates and the Zeiss Corona Extreme NIRS system enables real time measurements of dry matter content, protein and other harvest quality indicators.

Key features:

  • Permanent hydrostatic four-wheel drive
  • On-board computer with Harvest Manager soft-ware and protocol and label printers
  • Integrated Zeiss Corona Extreme NIRS system
  • Cutting width 1.51m
  • Adjustable cutting height
  • 1200 L weighing hopper
  • Subsampling system with oil guided weighing cell

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