The Leeds University Farm is a mixed farm owned University and managed commercially. It is ,  situated close to Bramham between the A1 and the A64, 13 miles from the University campus with easy access from York and Sheffield. The Pig Research Unit, reception area, labs and specialist freshwater and plant biology facilities are at Spen, close to A1.

The work of the WRSAC is focused at Wise Warren, at the Tadcaster end of the farm. This area includes arable, leys, permanent pasture and farm woodlands, with many hedgerows.

A dairy building has been refurbished to provide shelter, toilet / shower and working space close to the field sites.

A Met Office weather station and COSMOS-UK soil moisture station are located within the farm. Data from the COSMOS-UK station can be found here.

We operate a Haldrup F-55 Grass Harvester with an on-board NIR spectrophotometer system..